December 15th


how do you fill cold dark winter days?

I like to light some candles, have a hot chocolate, watch a good movie and knit.
Yesterday night I cast on the famous Laminaria. I want to turn it into a cowl, sort of. I want it to drape and fall like the shawl but without fuzzing around with a shawl ends, that's why I'm knitting in the round. So far I re-started a few times to sort out the star stitch pattern for knitting in the round, but right now I really like it and maybe I'm even able to finish it this year.

IMAG1126 15a

is there a shawl you particularly like for winter knitting AND winter wear?

knitting hugs, Diana

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  1. i have one which is actually for home wear. it's rather thick and like a blanket, and of course, warm:)
    like the color of your future shawl. make sure you complete before this year ends;)adore your cup of hot chocolate and candles...i also do like to light them during winter.have a nice day!


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