Note to self:
don't you ever pick a new ball of yarn when you don't have sunlight to control the shade!

So this is what happens when I choose a new yarn to continue and only have electric light. Wrong shade of creme.

I'm preparing the mermaid pattern at the moment and took some pictures to include in the pattern and while doing so I made arms for the green Gabrielle, obviously I didn't payed enough attention.

5 Kommentare:

  1. Oh je, das ist mir Weihnachten mit einem Weihnachtsmann passiert. Der weiße Rand an der Mütze war noch weiß. Zur Seite gelegt, weitergehäkelt und die weißen Details am Mantel und der Bart waren creme-farben. Ärgerlich.

    Aber Kopf hoch.

  2. Your mermaid is still sooooo sweet -- no matter how many shades she has going on!

  3. Maybe it will be less noticable once she gets her top on? Or you could give her a belly shirt with sleeves. I've had the same problem with projects too. Darn the thousands of colors of dye out there!

  4. You just recieved an award! Come over to my blog and pick it up!

  5. I love your work. You're very talented.



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