more Betties

I can't really do much about pattern preparations at the moment (my laptop decided to "die", tomorrow a technician will visit me and hopefully do enough emergency repair so everything will be fine again). Anyway I crocheted a few more Betty Bats.

They cheer me up and remind me of spring and easter. Easter Bats? Why not. They're colorful and have happy faces. And therefore they make my face a happy face =^__^=

3 Kommentare:

  1. I love these little bats. Have you heared of
    I think these bats would be fun to give away.

  2. I enjoyed looking over the pattern for you. Did you want me to check for typing errors too or just the pattern itself? Sorry I didn't ask before now. I just thought of it :s

  3. *gg* I can't help but smile when I read that you called your lovely bats "bettie" .. that's how my parents call me *gg*


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