December 12th


no pictures today {little evil smile}
because the first three to tell me what this pattern actually is will win a set of three patterns made by me. The winner will of course choose what patterns he or she would like to get.

what you need: yarn in three colors, preferably christmassy colors of course ^__^

abbreviations first:
sc - single crochet
m2 - classic increase
sc2tog - classic decrease
B2 - make a bobble stitch from 2 dc
dc - double crochet
slst - slip stitch
bpdc - back post hdc
fpdc - front post hdc

the pattern:

first part:
made from two colors, choose the lightest to be your color A and the darker one to be color B:
1__ A: make a double ring with 6 B2

now a little tricky here: attach the new color:
- first secure the loop from color A, you will not need this loop until row 3
- then attach color B directly to the next stitch and crochet row 2, after row 2 secure this last loop and leave it unregarded until you continue to work with it in row 4

2__ B: m2 x6
3__ A: B2 x12
4__ B: m2 x4, (m2, sc1) x4
5__ A: B2 x20
6__ B: m2, sc1, m2x2, sc1, m2x3, sc1, m2x4, sc1, m2x5, sc1
7__ A: B2 x35
8__ B: m2 x3, sc3, BO color B with a slst, sew in color B
9__ A: (hdc1, B2 x1) x19, hdc1
10__ A: (dc2tog, B2 x1) x13
11__ A: dc1, hdc2, sc23
12__ (sc2, sc2tog) x6, sc2tog
13__ (sc2tog, sc1) x5, sc2tog x2
stuff, but don't add too much
14__ sc2tog x6
BO and sew in ends

second part:
uses one color
1__ make a double ring with 6 sc
2__ m2 x6
3__ (m2, sc1) x6
4__ (sc2, m2) x6
5__ sc1, (m2, sc3) x5, sc3
! join this row with a slst
6__ ch2, hdc29 starting in same st as you just joined the slst into join round with a slst into beginning ch2
7__ ch2, (fpdc1, bpdc1) x15 [use ch2 of previous round for last bpdc], join with a slst
8__ repeat round 7
9__ ch2, (fpdc1, bpdc1, hdc1, fpdc1, bpdc1) x5, fpdc1, bpdc1, join with a slst
BO and leave a yarn tail long enough to sew this second part to the first part.

attach second part in four places evenly spread around first part, add some stuffing and sew around, secure and hide yarn ends!

now you're done!

hope you enjoy this little secret - Diana

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    1. you got it right :) I just deleted the comment to not give hints :) I've send you ravelry mail

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    1. aaaaargh, sorry not quite yet, but it's kinda close :)

  3. my daughter said its a cup cake.

    1. your daughter is clever! it is a cupcake :)

      do you have ravelry or should I send the patterns via mail? which do you like?

      Diana :)

    2. My daughter is four! yes, I have ravelry. but I an new to that web-site.

    3. wow, she's a very clever girl!

      what's your user name on ravelry? because you have a library there, where I can send you the patterns and you can download them there as often as you like, from any computer. so you'll never loose them :)

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    5. I sent you a message over there :)


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