December 18th


traditionally on Christmas Eve we eat something very simple.
I know a lot of families where they will eat potato salad and sausages on Christmas Eve but my mum always made lentil soup. I love this. It's one of my favorite soups in life, I can say this without a doubt.
And my mums soup is the only I eat because it's made without carrots, I do not like cooked carrots, I find them too soft and too sweet when cooked {shudder}

and today every single time I eat this soup it warms my heart, I guess it's my personal soul food.

mums lentil soup

500g lentils (preferably some that don't need to soak - I like pardina lentils)
7-8 potatoes
500g pork sausage
vinegar essence and sugar to taste (about 4-6 tbsp)

fill lentils into a large pot, add water about the double amount as lentils. Cut sausage into pieces and add to the lentils. Also cut and add the potatoes. Boil without salt (!) until lentils are soft.
when the lentils are soft add 1/2 tsp salt and 3 tbsp vinegar and 3 tbsp sugar. This soup will be sweet/sour so son't be afraid of the sugar/vinegar. Cook for 20 more minutes and add sugar and vinegar to taste.
that's it - when I first made it I was surprised that this little ingredients would make the soup I love ... but isn't often less better?


hungry hugs,

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  1. looks yumm!love the idea of putting there pork sausages...it's not easily available here.
    thanks for sharing the recipe, Diana. Enjoy your favorite soup!


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