December 19th


last weekend I was thinking about my favorite fairy tale and came to realize it contains some important knitting. Which was kind of a surprise to me, because this never occurred to me before.
I love fairy tales in the winter time, I just find they belong. I actually have a little library for fairy tale books only. Brothers Grimm, Hauff, Epstein, Anderson, they're all there.
This particular always melted my heart. "The six swans" is not one of the most famous collected by the Brothers Grimm and it resembles "the twelve brothers" or "the seven raven" but it's unique in its own way. I always

in case you want to read it again now:

here you can find the original text in english

and here is the original text in german

I even found the animated cartoon: (it's in german but I think it's beautiful to look at nonetheless and easy to understand as well)

part one

part two

what is your favorite fairy tale?
dreamy hugs, Diana

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  1. Indeed an interesting twist on "Twelve swans" (which is one of my favorite fairy tales!) But I must say, it is a little disturbing. Accusing someone of eating her children?! And the king waiting for the third offence?! Just bizarre! Actually, reading the fairy tales, especially folk ones, as an adult I found so much unnecessary and random violence there, which you sort of skim over as a child.

    1. that's so true! when I read fairy tales now again I can't believe all the cruelty in them, I just didn't realize it was there when I was a kid


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