kiss my swatch, please

hilarious, isn't it? Yesterday I saw this sentence on someones ravatar at ravelry and it made my day. Today I use it as the title to this post because I started swatching for a new project. A stocking in lovely blue. It will be my first toe up sock and I already learned about Judy Beckers Magic Cast On which doesn't look very complicated, the only thing I miss, since I don't have a pattern and need to try out everything is how do do the increases. I don't mean which increase to you, I'm thinking about the kfb but I also might try the "knit the bar" M1. I wonder about how many increases per round will feel comfortably. Cuff down I can try it on and decide that it's about time to close the toes or to decrease less per round but toe up I don't have any experience to learn from. At the moment I'm still testing my pattern, it still feels a little uneven to me.

p.s. swatching in the round makes great wrist warmers

p.p.s. I'm putting the finishing touches to my little critters pattern at the moment.

3 Kommentare:

  1. I love the pattern and the color! It looks great!

  2. I have been checking daily your etsy store, can't wait for the critters to make their debut!
    Wonderful work as always!

  3. I am so bad about swatching...I never do it!


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