is it a lion? is it a rat? is it a bear?

well that's a good question. I started on this on friday night. It's supposed to be a lion since it's a custom order and it will be for a baby, so my first thought was: NO plastic eyes, everything as securly sewed as possible!
A babys toy, woah, never made one before and right now I'm wondering if stuffing should be a bit less tight than I normaly would stuff a toy or if this doesn't matter at all, since it will become softer with age. any advice?

but nevertheless it still looks more like a mousy rat, don't you think? I also can imagine this to be converted into a bears pattern too. Do you remember those teddys with the very loong arms? and very big noses? I loved these. And I actually had them in mind in the first place when starting on this lion. I think it will be absolutely adorable when finished


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