oh yeah

First of all, Christmas was wonderful. I got to spent a lot of time with my boyfriend, his family and my brother. We had full tummies all the time and the decoration did it's best to spread a jolly mood on everyone. I hope you got to spend a great time too.

And then holy moly! Pinterest! I just discovered this cool thing! It might be a old book for you but it's a whole new world for me!

I never really understood why one should use pinterest. All I saw were pinned pictures, no source, just the picture, so why should one save a picture? a single picture? my PC could just bookmark the page instead. Obviously I was wrong, completely wrong.
I just was never lucky enough to find something through google that lead me to pinterest that actually had a source linked to it. But what I know now is, MOST things on there are linked just fine. I just never knew how to use it. The last big dissapointment was this lovely brooch:

I've fell in love with it when searching for inspiration for my first granny blanket. This flower made me nervous. It's so marvelous but a pattern was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile I've tracked down this lovely brooch to the original creator (the picture should lead you back to her flickr page) and I made a blanket with a dahlia granny square, so no more trouble there. But sill this brooch wants to be made by me. I want to try to find out the pattern myself, it shouldn't be too hard, but it will take a few tries and a couple of errors. But that's just fine for me.

But the point of this post wasn't drooling about the flower brooch, it was pinterest is soooo cool. I've spent way too much time over christmas procrastinating over there. Started too many boards already and searched through too many boards of others
you might have noticed I've also added the 'pin it' button to my blog just before christmas as well, so it's easier now for you to pin my stuff directly from the blog if you want to

take care, I hope you're feeling well and your new years party won't be too strong for you ^__^ Diana

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