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let's talk about christmas trees today. Real ones and fake ones. There are a couple of really cool "unusual" trees out there on the interwebs. And I especially put my heart to this "Charlie Brown" one:

Ans I'm sure you all know the ornament tree notmartha made a few years ago, it's pretty famous. And one day I'm going to have something like this. I just loooove the idea of lying underneath the tree, looking up and seeing something like this - it must be magic!

and me? well I don't have enough space for a real tree or even a big fake one, so I went on and created something big in height and small in depth for my place. I always loved these sketched trees that are often on cards. so simple and yet so elegant.

there would need to be a way to create something like this for myself, only bigger, and brighter!

and so I made myself a Light Tree:


I needed: thick garden fence wire (3.8mm), for the stand: a wooden board (rest will do) and a leg originally supposed to fit under your sofa, you can buy these separately, I matched my broomstick to the hole of the "sofa leg" and vice versa.
some fishing line. To decorate: LED fairy lights, some glitter and baubles if you wish, I used my amigurumi ornaments.

what I did: I started with making the stand by just screwing the sofa leg to the board I had (I put some cardboard underneath as my board was thinner than my screws were long - a little cheater here), then I glued some felt below to make it not scratch my floor.
To make the tree itself I curled the wire. I needed two tryings to find the right circumference, but the wire was bendable enough to do everything I wanted. I always checked on the final form and height by lifting the spiral. Once I knew how much wire I needed I cut it and bent the rest into shape.
Then I fixed the beginning of the spiral to the top of the broomstick and slowly started to bend the wire into a flatter form. I didn't want a classic round shape for the simple reason that I didn't have enough room. This took a little time but was a lot easier than bending it this way right from the start. To keep the shape I wanted I added the fishing line.
Now it was time to decorate: Starting from the bottom I wound the fairy lights around the wire. Also wound some glitter around and hung in some ornaments. And that was it.

light tree1

I need to say that I really like this tree and I hope to just lay it flat once I start to put away the decoration early next year. I will keep you updated ^__^

coniferous hugs, Diana

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