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today I want to share some music with you

some of my favorite christmas songs. Throughout the years I have collected a nice spectrum of christmas related music. Songs from my childhood, the good old classics like the song about the red nosed reindeer or very festive songs sung by christian choirs. Also I always check out "new" albums as well. Mariah Carey is here as well as the Jacksons and the Beatles.

in the little collection below are three of my all time favorite:

1 - wonderful Christmastime by Paul MacCartney - one of those "classics" I grew up with, a happy song that reminds me of snow ball fights and hot chocolate
2 - if I could wrap up a kiss by Silje Nergaard - a new find, three years ago I've found the album and fell in love right away. It's so quite and yet so much joy. Siljes voice is perfect for this kind of music and the song "if I could wrap up a kiss" really is everything a good christmas song should be: winter, romance, love and the joy of giving. I just love the idea of wrapping up a kiss as a gift.
3 - a song from my childhood. Frank Schöbel made this album with his family and it contains all the Christmas songs I grew up with. "Hey du, Weihnachtsmann" is a song by a little girl who asks Santa for her wish list. She asks for a new teddy bear or a little sister or brother, or in case, Santa can't fulfill one of her "little" wishes he can always bring her a small pot-bellied pig. The perfect wish list if you ask me ^__^

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