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only 4 days to Christmas.
Have you already planned your meal? is your tree put up? Have you decked your halls with boughs of holly? ^__^ I need to admit I've only put up my tree, nothing else, this years holiday spirits are a long time coming for me. It might be the weather, it's super warm for December here in Berlin, so no signs of snow, or even real cold.

anyways the meal is planned though, I'm going to make my famous Mousse au Chocolat for Dinner. Of course we'll have some real food before that too. Although only chocolate mousse sounds enticing...

and today I'm going to share my recipe with you

Mousse au Chocolat


what you'll need
3 eggs
1 tablespoon sugar
200g good chocolate (I like semi dark or a mix of whole milk and dark)
200g cream
2 teaspoons grand marnier

how to make
separate egg whites and yolks.
Mix the egg yolks with sugar and beat til creamy.
melt 100 g of the chocolate (either in the microwave, be careful not burn, or over a water bath, be careful not to spill and water inside)
mix melted and not too warm chocolate into yolk/sugar mix. Stir in quickly and thoroughly.
chop the rest of chocolate and set aside.
Beat the cream until it's stiff and fold in. Also beat the egg whites until it's stiff and fold in as well.
Mix in the grand marnier and fill into decorative glasses. Chill for at least two hours or until firm. I make my mousse at night and let it chill over night.
If you're making this for children change the alcohol for two teaspoons of coffee or just skip it ^__^

yummi hugs, Diana

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