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Klara grows and grows and today she will grow hair too. Arms are still missing, but we'll get to that soon. I want her to have hair now ^__^ how about you?

so first my mermaid right now reminds me a lot, like in A L O T of Pumuckl, I don't know if you know him, he's a little gnome very well known here in Germany, and I know his tails are translated into many languages, so I guess you know him, so .. anyways, my Klara right now looks like Pumuckl and I defenitly will make a Pumuckl now that I look at her! But enough said about Pumuckl, the word already sounds weird in my head (Pumuckl, Pumuckl ^__^)

here is the new download link to the updated pattern. You will also find an updated version in your ravelry libraries.
download now


enjoy ^__^

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