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Are you driving from date to date as well in the time before Christmas? There is so much to do at this time of year. I always tend to forget that. At the moment I'm at the Christmas Celebration of my company, we drove to the Harz Mountains. It's quite nice here. Anyways, today I want to share the rest of Klara. She has arms now and hair and a nose already, but there's something missing right? a face, and maybe some bra?

So today we want to add these final touches. As I'm on the road and posting this with my phone there won't be a pattern update right now. I will simply write down some eye and bra pattern below. The good old way. I will post pictures tomorrow afternoon when I'm back home - the signal strength is very poor here, and uploading pictures is impossible. I'm glad I can write something, although I hope the WiFi will not break off. I don't quite believe there are still places in Germany without proper Wi-Fi connection..

Make two of each,
first part in a dark pupil color, a dark brown or maybe even black
1 - make a double magic ring with sc6, close ring and BO with a slst

Now use an eye color for the next part, I used a very pale blue
1 - make a double magic ring with: ch1, hdc3, dc3, hdc3
Close ring and BO with a slst

1 - into a magic double ring work the following sts: sc1, hdc2, dc3, hdc2, sc1
pull ring tight and close with a slst, BO
That's it for the bra, make two of these little shapes.

I guess how to sew together the eyes is sort of self explaining. So go ahead and start sewing them together and secure them to the head. The bra needs a little more embroidery and maybe a picture. I will post these as soon as I get home tomorrow.

So long have a blissful day, Diana

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