window #16


Yesterday I bought some Christmas cards to send some friends and family. I love sending some season greetings and new year wishes at this time of year. To sit down and think about the friends who are not close enough to hug at this time of year and writing them some nice lines feels wonderful.
Now how more wonderful would it be to sit down and make the cards you're about to write and send?

So I've collected some easy and last minute tutorials for Christmas cards or even gift tags for todays calendar window. I'm thinking about making smaller versions of some these card ideas for tags. enjoy!


source leapfrogandladybugs

source beneaththerowantree

glitter and glue

source makeandtakes

source casestudychallenge - using the same method as the tree above


source hopefulhoney

source unknown, the link was broken

paper arts

source howaboutorange

source minieco

source fiskars

sort of yarny

source amyalamode

I couldn't find a how to link here, but I guess this self explains, right? a ribbon woven into a paper card like shoe laces

have a wonderful Dec 16th, Diana

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