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to kick off my advent calendar this year I want to share the advent calendar I made for my boyfriend.
I saw the idea for this kind of calendar a couple of years ago in a magazine and since then I started collecting the boxes I needed to make one. This year I finally had enough. The boxes I used contained chocolate chips, which I looove but rarely buy, as I always can't help but eat the whole box in one go. Now looking at the boxes I realized that I started collecting them about 15 years ago, whoo. One still had the prize tag on with our old currency.

anyways, in the picture below you can see how I assembled it: I first positioned all boxes to form a tree, then I started spray paint the closing/opening of all boxes and let them dry thoroughly over night, as otherwise the fresh paint would have "glued" the openings shut. Then I used some spray glue to glue all the boxes together and secured the fresh glued boxes with some string. Meanwhile I started wrapping up all the little gifts that should be found inside the calendar later, I mainly bought a lot of sweets, haribo, chocolate, you name it. To finish off I spray painted the outsides green as well and again let that dry before I attached a big ribbon. This ribbon will give stability to the boxes later and of course looks very pretty ^__^.
Then I just needed to put all the little wrapped packages in one of the containers, I put the heavier gifts (like candles) into the bottom boxes and the very light ones at the edges. I closed all boxes and wrote little labels with numbers on them and voilá a calendar


I hope you will enjoy this advent journey with me and tell your friends about it :) Have a wonderful first December everyone, Diana

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