window #5


we will continue with Klara today ^__^ I'm so overwhelmed, there are more than 190 unique downloads at this moment (which still is the evening of the 4th, because I want every window to open at half past midnight CET everyday and so I'm preparing them the evening before, I feel a little elfish, working in santa's workshop you know) .. more than 190 people are reading and probable even starting on Klaras tail already. It still is a bit weird to think that someone else is actually making one of my designs and now there are nearly 200 of you guys, whew.
On ravelry there are already 4 projects and I hope they will add pictures soon, I can't wait to see your creations. They will be adorable!


Meanwhile I hope everything in the pattern was useful and detailed enough so nobody ran into any issues, in case you did find something irritating, please comment here or in my rav group.

aaaaand last not least here comes the next part of the pattern to download. just click the download link and either save to your ravelry library or to your desktop.

download now

I hope you enjoy her tail, next time we will make her upper body and head .. with a snub nose ^__^

oh, last time we stopped at row 22 so now let's continue with row 23. hohoho Diana

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