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yabbadabbaduuuh, don't know where this is coming from, but it needed to find its way out ^__^

it's probably the joy of finishing the first of the knit/crochet alongs for this years calendar. Today we will add the finishing tough to our new hat. I call it Sylvi Pixi for a reason, and this reason is the flower that will be sewn on with a few stitches to on side. But before we continue with the pattern for the flower: the first part of Sylvie Pixi and the second part as well.

now hush onto your favorite place to sit and knit, grab your needles and yarn (same as for your hat) and go like this:

flower appliqué:
1 - cast on 5 sts using Judy's magic cast on [5]
2 - hold both strands together, knit 5 sts and therefore create 10 loops [10]
3 - k1, (m1, k2) x4, m1, k1 [15]
4 - (k3, m1) x5 [20]
5 - k1, (m1, k4) x4, m1, k3 [25]
now start the leaves, I found it easiest to use magic loop technique because I could leave all sts I wouldn't use for a leave on the needle. Of course DPNs will work perfectly fine as well. Just leave all sts you won't knit on a spare needle
6 - k2, m1, k1, m1, k2
7 - turn / WS - p7
8 - RS - k3, m1, k1, m1, k3
9 - WS - p9
10 - RS - k4, m1, k1, m1, k4
11 - WS - p11
12 & 14 - RS - k11
13 & 15 - WS - p11
16 - RS - k2tog, k7, ssk
17 - WS - p9
18 - RS - k2tog, k5, ssk
19 - WS - p7
20 - RS - k2tog, k3, ssk
21 - WS - p5
22 - RS - k2tog, k1, ssk
23 - WS - p3
24 - RS - slip 2 sts together knitwise, k1, pull both slipped sts over the knitted st
25 - WS - p1
Bind off

now pick up the next five sts that you left on your needle and repeat rows 6-25.
Do this again for the next three leaves as well until you have made 5 leaves.
wash and wet block your hat and flower (just leave to dry on a towel and pull in place. Then go ahead and sew the flower onto your hat. You can use all the yarn ends of the flower, this way you sew the ends in and sew the flower to the hat at once.

my hat looks like this:


yabbadabbaduuuh once more and a happy holiday hug, Diana

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